One of the wildflower and butterfly managed areas Looking south to the western entrance One of the information boards A fishing platform provided by Salisbury angling club The riverside walk behind the pond The wooden bridge over the pond outlet The flood bank path The path to the river Nadder The flood bank path looking west The flood bank path looking east Looking west from the western entrance Looking east from the western end of the meadow Saint John's wort common in the meadow View of the pond Pond view Banded demoiselle damselfly commonly seen along  the river Musk Mallow Small tortoiseshell often bask along the pathways Bramble flowers Wild cherry providing food for wildlife Comfrey common in the Meadow Ragged robin  buttercup and Ox-eye daisy in the wetland areas Ox-eye daisy River Nadder in flood 2014 Misty pond Misty view towards the cathedral Frosty reeds along the Nadder Nadder view Common blue damselflies Willows are common in the meadow Lambs across the river on the Harnham water meadows A view of the flood bank and playing field from the riverside Looking upstream on the Nadder The old crack willow One of the pathways looking towards the cathedral Across the pond - 2013 The display board by the wetland area - 2013 Winter pathway view Misty pond Red admiral butterflies can be seen in the meadow Common darter dragonfly Salisbury cathedral across the Harnham water meadows Gatekeeper butterfly Swans sometimes nest beside the river Nadder Heron fishing in the river Pheasants are commonly seen around the meadow Various types of willow are present in the meadow Springtime willow Robins are just one of many species of bird to be seen Kingfishers sometimes come to fish on the pond Evening walk Alder cones View across the pond 2012 Frosty morning Wild flower areas after grass management Tawny owl photographed in the meadow Riverside walk and benches The pond - August 2011 Hemp agrimony great for butterflies Wild flowers - fleabane, water mint and purple loosestrife Small copper and common blue butterflies The Nadder towards Rose cottage Long tailed tit The river walk looking west<br/> Conkers Wetland habitat information board Riverside walk and information board Middle street meadow imformation board Middle Street Meadow - cathdral view from the playing field
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